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Thread: America's Army 2.8.5 is ALIVE!

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    America's Army 2.8.5 is ALIVE!

    Welcome back guys!
    It's been a while, and let's skip all the "I love you guys" and get straight to business.

    Head on over to our friends at ( ) and grab the 'AA285' (I've scanned it with all the best anti-viruses, and it's clean!) - This is a MOBILE Version of AA285, no installation required!

    When done, downloaded, and unzipped.. Go into the America's Army Folder > System > ArmyOps.exe > Make a Shortcut to your Desktop.


    At the login screen, type the username of your choice, a random password, check remember login and hit login.

    Let it 'time-out' and you will receive this Error:

    Click OK now click LAN PLAY, and this will come up.

    Let it 'time-out' again, receive this Error:

    Click OK, now hit the console key ( ` ) to the left of 1, then type: open

    Hit enter, and BOOM! You're in!!

    Welcome back to America's Army 2.8.5!

    Every time you open 2.8.5 now, you don't need to click Login again, you just need to click LAN PLAY.

    If you are a Player Admin on our server, or any server, login using:


    TA-DA!! Welcome back!!!

    Any questions, feel free to send me a Private Message!

    ~ The [O]dd [A]ngry [S]hot Management Team

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    Here we go guys; a quick video on how to login.

    Remember next time you start up America's Army 2.8.5, you just need to press LAN PLAY, you don't need to try and login again.

    ~ The [O]dd [A]ngry [S]hot Management Team

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